Chip Gaines Opens Up About Phone Addiction And How Breaking His Cell Changed His Life

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Plenty of us are addicted to our cell phones. We might not think of it as an addiction, but we definitely go through withdrawals without our phones — and Chip Gaines knows that firsthand.

In the spring 2018 issue of the Magnolia Journal, Chip opened up about his dependent relationship with his cell phone, and how an accident totally changed all that. According to People, Chip accidentally broke his phone on a dare — he had agreed to walk across a beam over Lake Waco, and, unsurprisingly, he fell right off the beam and into the water below.

Chip’s cell phone was in his back pocket when he fell, meaning it plunged into the water with him. And seeing as water and phones don’t mix well at all, Chip was left without a cell phone after the big fall — and with a few months left on his contract. Chip wasn’t ready to shell out for a new phone yet, so he decided to wait. But that’s when he noticed a big change in his life.

Without his phone, Chip started to realize that he had spent a lot of time glued to his device.

He wrote: “Sometimes I’d wake up in the middle of the night to check something, and then would inevitably end up responding to emails and messages. Before I knew it, there I was scrolling through Twitter at 4 a.m.”

So, Chip decided to use his mistake as a way to “shake things up a bit.” He decided to just use his old flip phone until his contract was up, leaving his smartphone in the dust.

At first, he admitted, the experiment was “miserable.” But he soon realized he didn’t actually need his phone. “Constant simultaneous communication leaves us lacking the ability to give one person our undivided attention, and if that one person is my wife or our kids, then I’m in some real trouble,” he said, adding, “This one life is far too precious to be held hostage by what I might miss on the screen.”

I think Chip had a great idea — and while I’m nervous to give up my smartphone myself, he makes me want to give it a try!

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