67-Year-Old Chinese Woman Becomes Country’s Oldest New Mother After Conceiving Naturally

by Amy Paige
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A 67-year-old woman known by her surname “Tian” went to the hospital for a routine health checkup — and much to her surprise, Tian learned she was pregnant.

Tian and her 68-year-old husband already had two children and are grandparents many times over.

At first, she was reluctant to have a third child, especially at her age. But the former nurse came to believe the pregnancy was a blessing from God.

Now the couple claims they are the oldest parents in China to conceive a baby naturally.

Liu Chengwen, a chief physician at the hospital where Tian gave birth, told CCTV that the elderly woman has “ovaries similar to that of women in their 40s” rather than most women in their 60s, whose ovaries have “withered.”

The birthing process was stressful and painful for Tian. She went into labor at 36 weeks pregnant with high blood pressure.

Incredibly, the newborn baby girl (named Tianci, meaning “gift from heaven”) was born healthy and weighed just under 6 pounds.

Though many commenters believe the pregnancy is “selfish” due to the ages of both Tian and her husband, the couple say they could not be happier about the latest addition to their family.

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