Mom Asks Internet To Help Her Open China Hutch Without Breaking Fallen Dishes

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

A stay-at-home mom in Hsinchu, Taiwan, was shocked and dismayed at the sight greeting her when she came home one day. But it wasn’t the aftermath of some disaster.

In fact, it was just the opposite: it was a disaster just waiting to happen.

Somehow (no one is quite sure how), the china dishes in her cabinet had tumbled over, and were now trapped in a precarious position between the shelf and the glass door — meaning that if she were to open the door, the dishes would all come spilling out to shatter on the floor.

She called up her friend, Tseng Shao-Tsen, to come help her with the dilemma, but he was as lost as the owner of the dishes as to what to do.

So Tseng did what anyone with a dilemma in 2016 would do: He took a picture and put it online.

He uploaded the photo to Facebook, and soon the opinions and suggestions came pouring in. Like with all majorly pressing concerns — like whether a small fluffy creature was a cat or a dog — some of the comments got very passionate and heated.

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[H/T: Daily Mail]

Tesng Shao-Tsen snapped this photo at his friend’s house. No one is exactly sure what happened here, but it looked like quite the predicament.

When he posted the photo online, the Internet erupted over whether opening the cupboard door was the best course of action, or if another, more creative approach was needed.

The suggestions came pouring in and some of them were very elaborate — if not exactly practical.

Several people thought of lying the whole cupboard on the floor to make the dishes slide back into place, but others pointed out that the cupboard might be attached to the wall.

Another user’s idea involved glass cutters and a tub of water that would safely catch the falling dishes, which seems far too complicated and messy.

It seemed all the plans involved multiple steps and multiple people, as well as a lot of complicated maneuvers.

And a lot of them seemed to be in favor of cutting the glass on the cabinet door, or gathering a lot of other materials, like newspaper, to cushion the falling plates.

Some of the suggestions seemed like they would require a trip to the hardware store for some particularly specialized materials.

And none of these plans, of course, offered any suggestions for cleaning up the mess they’d surely make.

Others simply saw it as a lost cause, and advised reaping the damages and moving on.

And then came Louise. Her plan was brilliant in its practical simplicity: no glass cutting, no drills, no mysterious hardening foam.

It just involved holding the left side door shut and reaching in through the right side to rearrange the plates.

And in fact, that’s exactly what happened. Tseng’s friend ended up saving the day — and her dishes — by doing basically this, bracing the dishes up with her hand before placing them back on the shelf.

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