Firefighters Pull Trapped Man Out Of Chimney Before Cops Arrest Him For Trying To Break In

by Jess Butler
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Firefighters experience so many frightening things when they get called to rescue missions. Most firemen don’t have to deal with strangers stuck in chimneys.

But one team received a call about a man named Eduardo Medina who’d become trapped inside a chimney. The firefighters never had a mission like this one and were understandably confused, but they did what any hero would do to save this man.

In the video below, we see the crew tugging Eduardo out of the chimney with great force. Their lights are blaring, and all eyes are on the trapped man as he struggles to escape his close quarters.

According to NBC-2, Eduardo was trying to break into the home. He and his family used to live there before they were evicted.

The firemen spent a full 30 minutes trying to free the man from the chimney until they were finally able to pull him out by his pants. Once he was rescued, he faced something even worse: an arrest.

Right after the rescue, he was cuffed by police for trespassing and an attempted break-in. The firefighters might have saved his life, but he was still on the hook for his actions.

So, what exactly did this man have to say about the entire ordeal?

He made sure to let reporters know that it was a “tight experience.”

Check out the footage of this rescue in the video below, and please SHARE if you hope Eduardo learned his lesson!

Footage and photos provided courtesy of KGTV San Diego

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