Mom Thinks Adopted Son Has Same Facial Condition As Her Birth Child Til She Takes Them To Doctor

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When Jaimeson Pleasants was born, the delivery room descended into chaos. Now 20, Jaimeson was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that affects facial development, WKBW Buffalo reports.

Jaimeson was born without cheekbones, a jaw, and parts of both ears. In the video below, he speaks to WKBW about how his facial differences affected him growing up — mainly, in relation to bullying. Jaimeson, who was born female but has since transitioned to male, reveals that he dealt with some pretty serious bullying growing up, and often felt isolated or like he didn’t fully belong.

Luckily, Jaimeson has his brother, Anderson, by his side. And that’s all thanks to a phone call their mother Lisa got when Jaimeson was just 2 years old.

One day, Lisa got a call from an adoption agency. They told her they had a little baby boy they thought also had TCS, and wondered if Lisa would be interested in adding him to her family. She said yes.

Anderson quickly bonded with Jaimeson over their shared struggles. But Lisa began to suspect that Anderson didn’t actually have TCS, so she brought both kids to a doctor to get a better diagnosis. It turns out Lisa was right — Anderson was diagnosed with Goldenhar syndrome, a similar condition that affects Anderson’s face, as well as his lungs, neck, and spine.

Regardless of their health struggles, Jaimeson and Anderson are a team. They understand each other better than anyone, and they’ll head to college together soon. Although adopting a second child with a serious health condition was likely a risk for Lisa, there’s no doubt that it worked out for the best.

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Footage and photos provided by WKBW Buffalo

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