Mom Doesn’t Want Adopted Son Anymore, So She Gives Him To A Strange Woman Illegally

by Emerald Pellot
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Dmitri Stewart was adopted from Russia by an American couple, Billy and Victoria. However, when Victoria had biological children of her own, they decided they no longer wanted him.

“It was so hard growing up with them because they treated their own kids a lot better,” Dmitri said. “They would say things like, ‘I wish we had never adopted you.’ It was hurtful and didn’t make sense while I was young. It made me angry.”

The family later moved from Florida to Scotland. When Dmitri was 13 years old, they found a woman, Nicole Eason, on the internet who wanted to unofficially adopt him. They shipped him 3,000 miles away to Chicago, and not one social worker in Scotland even noticed.

When Dmitri arrived at Eason’s home he was shocked: it looked like a shack and the living conditions were unthinkable. He later learned that Eason was looking for children on the internet because her own had been taken away. She was linked to a convicted pedophile and was no longer legally allowed to have children in her care.

Dmitri said that Eason wouldn’t send him to school and even bought him cigarettes.

Fortunately, a stranger was looking out for him. After a month, authorities say a concerned citizen reported Eason, and Dmitri was able to move with a legal foster family where he is finally happy.

“I want to stop it happening to any other kids,” he said. “It’s wrong for adoptive parents to just give them away to whoever wants to take them without the proper checks into their safety.”

Now that he is 20 years old, Dmitri is sharing his story to warn adoptive parents: If they want to move children to new homes, they should do so safely and legally.

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