Amazing Mom Builds Tiny Bedroom Beneath The Stairs For Her Pampered Chihuahua

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

When you have a pet, it is so fun to spoil them and make them feel like the luckiest, most loved animal on the planet.

Crafty dog lovers also enjoy making their baby fun stuff with their own two hands, like this new doggy dad who made an amazing DIY dog bed.

But some people go a step further to show their furry friends how much they care.

Take, for example, this Imgur user‘s aunt, who didn’t only make her little Chihuahua her own sleeping space, she give her a little doggy room all her own!

Tucked adorably under their staircase, the micro-sized space has a dog door, a little bed, and plenty of other cute canine furniture.

Check below to see more photos of this little dog’s room under the stairs, it will definitely raise the bar for dog owners looking to pamper their pooches.

[H/T: Imgur]

I know a few of you dog lovers out there adore spoiling your pet with yummy treats and fluffy comfy beds.

Giving your furry baby a cool, comfy bed provides them a special place that is just theirs.

And some people don’t stop there — some dog mommies and daddies give their dog an entire room to themselves!

Take, for example, this Imgur user‘s aunt.

While visiting her house, they discovered that she had converted an entire room for her beloved little Chihuahua.

The space under the stairs makes a perfect little hideaway for the pint-sized pooch.

Complete with a little dog door and a bed fit for a furry king, the dog definitely has a nice setup.

But there is actually more to the space than just a bed.

There are also dog bowls, a dresser with a little lamp, and a tiny portrait of dogs playing poker!

The little dog definitely seems happy to have her own room to enjoy.

Her loving mommy definitely spared no detail to make sure that she had her own luxurious sleeping space.

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