11 Incredible Chicken Coop Creations You’ll Want In Your Own Backyard

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to have my very own pet chicken. Obviously, like most animals, they come with a lot of responsibility — like searching through chicken coop designs to find the perfect fit for your own home.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my landlords would appreciate me installing any of the delightful options below in the middle of my New York City apartment. Still, I can’t help but look into all the adorable choices for my (hopeful) future home with a backyard full of chicks clucking away someday.

It’s probably a good thing I have plenty of time to make that decision, though, since there are so many great chicken coop designs to choose from — as you can see below!

Does your family have chickens? Let us know if you’d like to have any of these coops in your yard, or if you already have an even better one.

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Thumbnail sources: Flickr / J Marsh, Instructables / flodato

1. Split-Level Coop

dome chicken coop

Instructables user Antonio Narvaez made sure to include a comfy perch for his chickens in this quaint coop.

2. Dome Coop

dome chicken coop

The chickens in Instructables user zillytron’s backyard enjoy a unique dome design that uses electrical conduit piping.

3. Old-School Red Coop

red chicken coop

Looks like Instructables user robbtoberfest’s pup is a bit jealous of the adorable red coop he made for his family’s chickens!

4. Coop Mansion

massive chicken coop

I would think they got confused while making this massive coop and used plans for a stable instead, but the sign makes it clear these chickens are just properly pampered for their gifts!

5. Gothic Coop

gothic chicken coop

Instructables user finton used bent wood to create this classy gothic design for his sweet birds.

6. Soda-Can Coop

soda can chicken coop

Instagram user Stefan Walz decided to give his coop a dash of kitsch with smashed soda cans on the side.

7. Rustic Coop

rustic chicken coop

I love how rustic yet simple this coop looks with the faded paint on the door — and of course, the perfect sign!

8. All White Coop

white chicken coop

Honestly, this sweet coop looks like a charming cottage I’d love to get away to myself… even if I had to share with some feathered friends.

9. Playhouse Coop

playhouse chicken coop

Instructables user flodato used a children’s playhouse as the base for their swanky coop.

10. Coop With Fenced-In Yard

DOYO Live chicken coop

I’m pretty sure this beautiful coop from DOYO Live is exactly the kind all chickens dream about at night.

11. Soft Pink Coop

pink chicken coop

Alright, it just doesn’t get any more precious than this soft pink hen house by Instructables user aespie-whitburn!

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