Bride-To-Be Has Bad Stomach Pain, Then Doctors Diagnose Her With Cancer Weeks Before Wedding

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Cancer is a disease that often takes more than it will ever give. That is what it thrives on.

It destroys body tissue, but it can also destroy a person’s will to live, the one who is diagnosed as well as all of their loved ones.

For Cheyann Shaw, cancer has taken a lot from her. She is a beautiful 23-year-old who recently got married. She worked hard for her dream body. She was a successful bikini competitor. When she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, absolutely everything changed.

In the few months since her diagnosis, Cheyann has lost her hair, she’s lost over 20 pounds, and now has a “poop bag” after having a major surgery. While her battle is long, she hasn’t lost one thing: Cheyann still has hope. She hopes she can spread that with others and continue to live her positive lifestyle.

Video/Image Credit: Cheyann Shaw

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Cheyann Shaw is 23-year-old YouTuber and fitness enthusiast, who recently was in bikini competitions.

For months, she was having very bad stomach aches and then she noticed a bump formed near her pelvis. In August, she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer which has since progressed to stage 4. She opened up to her online fans in a video on YouTube to explain her diagnosis.

Cheyann told LittleThings, “If you feel like anything is wrong with your body, go get checked; it could save your life. Always trust your gut feeling, just like I did. I knew something was wrong and I got checked. I’m very lucky we caught my cancer when we did otherwise it could have been too late.”

After working hard for 2 years for the body she’s always wanted, Cheyann learned she would need extensive treatment to combat her cancer.

In the months since she began treatment, Cheyann has lost 25 pounds and shaved her head after clumps of her hair started falling out.

“When I was first diagnosed, I was scared, but it went away quickly,” she told PEOPLE. “I knew that I had no choice but to fight. I wasn’t going to let cancer win. I also knew that my husband and family need me and there is no way I am leaving them. So that is when I put my boxing gloves on and got in the ring to knock cancer out.”

“After almost 14 days in the hospital, a poop bag, and a major surgery; I stand at 105lbs. That’s way to small for me. I’m 5″5. I lost everything. Cancer has taken so much from me. The body I worked so hard for 2 years to get, the ability to have and carry my own child, my hair, and so much more, but one thing for sure is that cancer has not taken my fight and faith,” Cheyann shared on Instagram.

“I will never stop fighting. I will never lose my faith. I will never let cancer win. Today has been a rough day for me mentally, but that’s okay. I know tomorrow will be much better and I’m thankful to be alive and to see another day. I know GOD is up there working and I know he will give me the strength to fight, the light to see in the darkness, and will lay his healing hands on me.”

Cheyann is chronicling her entire journey to fight cancer on her Instagram, which you can check out here.

To learn more about her diagnosis, and the signs to potentially look out for yourself and your loved ones, you can watch the video below.

If you’d like to donate to help Cheyann with her medical bills, you can send money to her Gofundme.

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