Cher Shuts Down Rumors About Having Her Ribs Removed And Says Her Slim Body Type Is All Natural

by Jess Butler
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Music sensation Cher is know for two things: her famous voice and her slim figure.

Throughout her career, it seemed as if people commented on her body just as much — if not more — than her singing.

Then, she sat down with Oprah to talk about it.

In the video below, filmed in 1991, Cher explains how bullies commented on her weight and body type.

She said, “You can stand up for what you do, but it’s really difficult to stand up for what you don’t do,” adding, “A couple of years ago in a French magazine, they had arrows pointing to all the parts of my body where I was supposed to have had work done, and I thought it was stupid.”

Cher recalls seeing a woman on TV claiming to have had her ribs removed like Cher did, which shook her to the core.

She tells Oprah that she went to a doctor, who wrote down everything she did in fact (and didn’t) have surgery on — that way, she could hit her haters back with proof.

Cher later said:

“I’ve had my teeth done. I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had my breasts done. I didn’t even know that there was an operation that could remove your ribs.”

In a final attempt to completely end her bullies’ accusations, Cher declared, “If you could have your ribs removed, you’d have a scar, and everyone’s seen pretty much my entire body.”

Check out Cher’s full interview with Oprah in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad she stood up for herself!

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