Cher Dropped Some Hot Gossip, Stating She Would Never Do A Duet With This Pop Star

by Madison Vanderberg

In case you were wondering if Cher and Madonna have buried the hatchet — they have not. The Cher/Madonna feud is apparently alive and well.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cher and Ellen faced off in a game called “The 5 Second Rule,” where you get five seconds to answer rapid-fire questions. Cher was asked which three celebs she’d like to do a duet with, and she quickly rattled off Adele and Pink, and then she blurted out, “not Madonna.”

The audience erupted into ohhhs, while Cher calmly held to her mandate: Not Madonna.

This isn’t a shock to fans of the two iconic pop stars.

The music industry wouldn’t be the music industry without a few feuds, and Madonna and Cher’s issues go back to the ’90s.

In the below video, Cher is seen in an early ’90s interview calling Madonna “unbelievably creative,” while adding that it’s “because she’s not unbelievably talented, she’s not beautiful.” Cher later said she invited Madonna over to her house and said that the singer was “rude.” Cher also said Madonna “spun straw into gold,” because she turned what Cher perceived to be little talent into a booming career spanning multiple industries.

This shady little aside is interesting, because Cher told Andy Cohen in 2013 that the two were “totally good,” and that they had ended their feud. Apparently not.

Check out the video below for Cher and Madonna’s complicated history.

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