Chef Stephanie Nass Shows Off Just How Easy It Is To Decorate A Cake Like A Pro

by Angela Andaloro

On our Facebook Live show Slice, we have chefs and food experts come by and whip up some of their favorite dishes to help our viewers solve common kitchen dilemmas.

Recently, we had Chef Stephanie Nass, a dessert innovator and culinary influencer from New York City, come work some cake magic.

Chef Stephanie has found a way to dress up desserts with her Chefanie Sheets. They’re a fun, edible dessert accessory that can give your homemade or store-bought desserts a look that only pros could previously achieve. Chefanie Sheets are a treat for the eyes — and the stomach!

In her free time, Chef Stephanie hosts private dinner party events through Victory Club.

Founded by the cake connoisseur, the membership-only supper club combines culinary delights with visual arts to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience for the senses.

On this episode of Slice, Chef Stephanie sits down with our host Evette Ríos. Together, they find out what exactly sushi donuts are and whether they’re #FireOrFail! She also dishes on everything we need to know to make the best (and prettiest!) cake possible, putting her Chefanie Sheets to work.

Later, Evette also shows us how to solve a common problem with the world’s most-eaten fruit: mangoes. Mangoes are yummy, but what’s the best way to cut them? As it turns out, it’s a little more complicated than you might think.

Check out Chef Stephanie’s useful cake hacks and her beautifully decorated creation in the video below!

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