Chef Grace Ramirez Makes Her Hangover-Curing Chilaquiles Topped With ‘Perfect Guacamole’

by Angela Andaloro

On LittleThings’ Facebook Live show Slice, we invite some of our favorite chefs and food influencers to solve kitchen conundrums and participate in exciting challenges that get everyone cooking outside the box.

Recently, we were excited to welcome Chef Grace Ramirez to the LittleThings kitchen.

Grace has a fascinating background. According to her website, she has lived all around the world, honing her culinary talents in each new place. Grace was born in Miami but traveled around South America as a child. She even called Venezuela home for many years! Since then, she’s cooked on several continents, representing her Latina roots everywhere she goes.

Grace got her start in the United States on the Food Network’s Throwdown With Bobby Flay.

She left Throwdown to try her hand at MasterChef. Today, she’s host of Food Network Latin America’s Destino Con Sabor.  She’s also the author of two cookbooks, La Latina and The 5-Ingredient Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook. 

In her free time, Chef Grace works with a number of charities to deliver food to the less fortunate and change the way they eat. She’s worked with World Central Kitchen, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, World Child Cancer, and more.

When Chef Grace stops by Slice, she tests out “birthday croissants” with host Evette Ríos to see if they’re #FireOrFail. She also dishes on the best simple-yet-scrumptious meal to cure a nasty hangover. Finally, Evette teaches us a new and exciting way to dig into pineapples.

Check out all these tips and tricks in the video below!

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