Cheetah Mom Can’t Make Enough Milk For Third Cub, Then Rescuers Try Introducing Him To A Puppy

by Nicoletta Richardson

When it comes to friendship, there is no fine line drawn that determines who can share a special bond with who — regardless of what the “societal norm” may be.

Some of the most unexpected pairs can make the best of friends, as we’ve learned with this dog who becomes companions with eight birds and one little hamster. And in this specific situation below, we tackle the stereotype that dogs and cats don’t get along.

Meet Kumbali — a baby cheetah who was born in a litter of three at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Richmond, VA. Workers kept an eye on Kumbali and noticed early on he was losing weight instead of gaining under the care of Mama cheetah.

That’s when they discovered the issue: Kumbali’s mom wasn’t able to produce enough milk for all her babies.

And so, they made the decision to start bottle-feeding Kumbali.

After starting the process, the cub quickly started to get back to where he was supposed to physically be, but zookeepers knew he was missing out on the loving warmth and comforting bond shared with his mother.

So the zoo decided to introduce his soon-t0-be lifelong friend, Kago, the yellow lab puppy. And as you’ll see from their first meeting, the duo quickly became playful friends, putting their differences aside (or never even noticing them) and embracing their unique relationship.

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