Cheerleader Allegedly Brings Pot Brownies To School To Sway Votes For Homecoming Queen

by Olivia Jakiel
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This gives a whole new meaning to high school, if you can pick up what’s being put down.

It sounds like an episode of That ’70s Show, but unfortunately for the residents of a Michigan town, this fiasco is anything but fictional.

A 17-year-old cheerleader allegedly brought brownies laced with marijuana to Hartford High School to pass out to the football players during homecoming week, and she reportedly used the leftovers to sway students’ votes in her favor for homecoming queen.

Michael Prince of the Hartford Police Department said, “The principal mentioned they were getting some tips in about some possible brownies that may have been laced with marijuana oil.”

“The school’s taking this very seriously,” Officer Prince continued.

“They are doing their own investigation, and they’re just starting to turn over some of the statements from the students possibly involved or witnesses.”

The police officer was both perplexed and stunned when he heard what was going on. “I’ve read about things across this country,” he stated. “It has not happened with anything that I know of in this area. I’ve been an officer a long time, and whenever you think you’ve heard it all, something just about daily comes up, like, ‘Wow.'”

Although no names have been released in regard to who is responsible for the deplorable action, the officer says he is in contact with the teen and her mother and hopes to interview them when they are back from what they’re calling “an out-of-state emergency.”

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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