Cheerleader Watches Video Of Marine Husband, Drops Pom-Poms When She Sees Him Walking Toward Her

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Candace Valentine was beyond excited for her first football game as a cheerleader for the St. Louis Rams (now the Los Angeles Rams) in August 2015, but there was one person missing from her very important night: her husband!

Candace’s husband August was stationed in South Korea with the Marines. Even so, he sent a sweet video message to his wife that played in front of the entire stadium the night of the first game.

Mid-game, her husband appeared on the big screen, and his message alone was enough to make my heart melt!

“Hi, Candace. I’m so proud of you for becoming a Rams cheerleader,” August says in his video. “I would never want to miss your first game. So, surprise!”

Candace turns around from her spot on the field and her jaw drops — as do her pom-poms — the moment she sees a familiar face walking onto the field.

Decked out in his Marines uniform, August walks toward his wife with the biggest smile on his face! In a heartwarming moment, the couple hugs in front of the entire stadium.

The pair were married only a year earlier, on July 31, 2014. They’d met as students. And in fact, Candace is a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps herself. At the time, she happened to be stationed in St. Louis!

Watch their entire reunion below.

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