Neighbor Notices Cheating Boyfriend, Then Sticks A Note On Her Front Door

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

For those of us who have been in relationships, we know that one of the fears that comes with trusting another human being is cheating.

Whether it is physical or emotional, this kind of deception is a reality for many couples.

And, in many cases, the person being cheated on has no idea it’s happening.

Often the question that arises is, would you rather not know because ignorance is indeed bliss? If you’ve been with your partner for as long as this one woman has, that may be a serious consideration.

A listener of the Rove and Sam radio show submitted a heartbreaking note she received from her “nosy” neighbor.

The anonymous sender claimed to see a strange woman enter her home, someone her boyfriend of six years brought inside. She was even wearing a very telling uniform during the secret rendezvous.

Now scroll down to see what the short note, posted on the woman’s door, read…

Instagram followers of the Rove and Sam radio were in for quite the shock when they came across a strange post: a photo of a note posted on a listener’s door.

In the note carefully directed to the “woman of the house,” an anonymous “nosy” neighbor called out the woman’s boyfriend of six years for cheating!

The note highlights how the couple fights all the time, and how every word can be heard by anyone in their vicinity.

It even goes into detail, in a later handwritten addition: the woman the boyfriend brought home was likely a Denny’s waitress, clear by the uniform she was wearing.

The neighbor doesn’t even bother hiding their insight into the broken relationship. By the tone of the note, this person thinks the couple should be no more!

What a terrible way to find out about cheating partner. If your significant other was involved in shenanigans behind your back, would you want to know?

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