Neglected Dog Beats Incredible Odds Thanks To Heroes

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Chase was 5 months old when he was surrendered by his neglectful owner to the Washington Humane Society.

The poor pup and his two siblings were in terrible shape. Their conditions were so poor that their former owner has since been charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

Chase’s condition was the worst out of the three pups. He had so many health problems, including mange, that his caretakers weren’t sure he was going to survive. Chase needed a miracle.

The medical staff taking care of Chase knew the neglected puppy needed a blood transfusion in order to survive — that’s when Camden arrived.

Camden and his compassionate owners frequently donate blood to help animals in need. The staff knew Camden’s donation was Chance’s only hope at survival.

Scroll through below to see how Camden’s blood donation saved Chance’s life, and let us know what you think of Chance’s incredible recovery in the comments!

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The first few months of Chase’s life were very difficult.

He and his two siblings were severely neglected their entire lives until they were surrendered to animal control officers at the Washington Humane Society.

The puppies were then brought to the Dogs and Cats Veterinary Referral & ER (DCVR).

They were all in need of urgent care, especially Chase.

Chase was in very poor health.

He had several serious conditions, including mange, that led his rescuers at the DCVR to believe he may not make it.

The poor animal was in desperate need of a hero.

Enter Camden, the much-needed hero in this story.

This incredible dog and his compassionate owners made a very important trip out to the DCVR after hearing about Chase’s story.

“Camden is one of DCVR’s blood donors. We maintain a list of young, healthy dogs whose amazing owners are willing to drop everything and bring them to our clinic, any time of day or night, to help save a life,” Chase’s caretakers explained on the DCVR Facebook page.

Incredibly, the blood transfusion worked!

Thanks to Camden’s generous donation, Chase’s caretakers saw immediate improvement.

“After the transfusion, Chase became brighter, stronger, his blood sugar levels began to stabilize, and he began to better regulate his body temperature,” they explained.

For over a week, the caring staff at the DCVR continued to treat and monitor Chase closely.

After treatment, the staff felt he was ready to live in a medical foster home.

His medical foster mom is able to dedicate the time and care he needs in such a fragile state.

Today, Chase is learning the meaning of love and compassion in his new foster home.

He even gets to spend time during his recovery with his big foster sister, Harper!

All three of the once-neglected puppies are now in great hands. One has even found his forever home!

Chase is well on his way to finding a forever home of his own as soon as he is rehabilitated.

If you would like to help out with Chase’s treatment, please make a donation to the Washington Humane Society.

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