Clever Artist Transforms Your Favorite Books Into Adorable Pieces Of Jewelry

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Reading is a timeless, wonderful pleasure. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably spent countless hours lost in a book (even if these days, you’re reading on a tablet), getting to know the characters, and imagining the setting and action in your mind.

And sometimes, you just want to show the world how much you love a good book.

If that appeals to you, you’re in luck. Etsy shop Vintage Charmed Books creates tiny pendants dedicated to your favorite literature. From childhood favorites to timeless classics, the crafters behind these adorable charms clearly love books as much as the rest of us.

Jewelry, like fashion, is also a great way to express something unique about your personality, or to show people something important to you, like the custom-made pendants modeled after cute and clever drawings made by children.

To let bibliophiles show their love to the world, the talented jewelers at Vintage Charmed Books lovingly recreate classic books in miniature, complete with the cover, an illustration, and a quote.

Check them out below and let us know the book you’d wear on your heart forever in the comments!

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The pendants from Vintage Charmed Books are tiny, wearable homages to classic books loved for generations.

They’re not entire books, of course, but more like an open locket with a picture and a quote inside a tiny version of the vintage cover.

The creators describe themselves as “a couple of gals who adore all things vintage.” Their love for the craftsmanship and artistry inspired them to start creating these beautiful charms.

You’ve probably read at least some of these books, and seeing them again might be bringing back all the memories of the beauty and emotion these books have stirred in people for years.

The carefully selected quotes are meaningful and moving, and serve as little reminders that these words, no matter how long ago they may have been written, still ring true.

Each one also includes a recreation of the original cover and an illustration, giving them a vintage charm that fills them with personality.

The Vintage Charmed Books team creates these as a way to get more people interested not only in books, but in vintage art, as well.

“Our passion is to revive those beautiful, forgotten vintage pieces of art and workmanship and bring them to a brand-new generation to love,” they explain.

They can even make custom pieces, if you can’t find your favorite book in their collection.

And the other nifty thing about these charms is that they can be worn two ways: with the cover or the quote and image facing out. So it’s kind of like getting two charms in one!

What’s more, Vintage Charmed Books sources all of its materials from other Etsy shop owners, so they’re supporting artists, too!

And just like the books, these pieces of jewelry are made to last, with special precautions taken to make sure they’re weatherproof and durable.

And they make for great conversation starters, and a perfect way to show off your favorite classic book.

Books hold special places in our hearts, and these charms show just how many people the stories and poems have touched.

And just like a book, these are beautiful treasures that can be passed on as gifts and keepsakes.

You can see many more of these sweet charms on Vintage Charmed Books’ Etsy shop and see if they have your favorite book in stock. And if you really want one of your own, you can always put in a special request!

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