Actress Charlize Theron Admits There Are Days She Doesn’t Enjoy Being A Parent

by Lindsey Smith
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The pressure of being a perfect parent is always looming. Some moms might try to hide the fact that they have days that feel off. However, actress Charlize Theron recently admitted that she has days where she doesn’t like being a parent.

The Hollywood actress is a single mom to her adopted children, son Jackson and daughter August.

While promoting her new movies Gringo and Tully, Charlize sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss motherhood. “It’s the most meaningful thing that’s ever happened in my life and I absolutely love it,” she explained. “But I love it because I can acknowledge the good with the bad.”

After that, she gets candid about the days where she just doesn’t like being a parent — something many other moms and dads can totally relate to.

“I have days where I’m literally like, ‘I’m not enjoying parenting today, I love you guys, but I am not enjoying being a parent today!'” she admitted.

It can be really refreshing for other parents to hear someone else, especially a celebrity, come clean about the ups and downs of being a parent — whether a single parent or not. However, Charlize also mentioned it’s important to take note of those bad days.

“I think if you can’t acknowledge that then I think there’s a dishonesty of what it really takes to raise children,” she explained. “I don’t hide any of that from my kids either.”

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Photo: Entertainment Tonight

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