Mom Finds Out Her Beloved Dog Is Alive 12 Days After He Was Ejected From Car During Crash

by Mauricio Castillo
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On the night of December 27, 2017, the Harms family was driving down the highway. Inside the car was Kara Harms, her two sons, and their pets. Their dog, 8-year-old Charlie, was snuggled safely inside his traveling crate.

According to coverage by CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, at some point, Kara suddenly felt sick. The mom pulled over to the side of the road. Out of nowhere, the car spun into oncoming traffic, the whole family was nearly ejected from the vehicle.

A huge 18-wheeler had hit them from behind, sending the Harms into the opposite lane, where they were hit again.

Miraculously, they all survived. At no point could anyone recall seeing Charlie being ejected from the car in the chaos of the crash. Yet all that remained of their beloved dog as far as anyone could see was his crushed — empty — crate.

Their four other pets had been ejected, too. Responders were able to round up three of them, who were still in the area. But Charlie and their cat, Riley, were missing.

While still being tended to by first responders, the family was eager to start the search. When they couldn’t find either of them in the area, though, they reached out to the Mutts and Mayhem Search and Rescue group. Drones were then dispatched to monitor the area with cameras.

After nearly 12 days, Kara received a photo from her neighbor: Charlie had been found!

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Thumbnail Photo: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth

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