It Looks Like A Floating House, Then A Closer Look Reveals It’s An Amazing Photograph

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Art has long been a way for people to bring what’s in their minds to life in a vivid, compelling way.

No matter how fantastical, if you can draw, sculpt, or write, you can bring your dreams into the real world.

Today, we can add photography to that list of magic-making, too.

Although people have been creating fantasy scenes using photography ever since photography was invented, there are now even more options thanks to photo editing software.

That’s what artist Charlie Davoli uses to create his dreamy images. Like other artists we’ve seen, he uses a variety of software programs, plus a keen eye, a vivid imagination, and some photography skills to create images where anything is possible.

In his work, space and time seem to bend, massive structures float, and everything we take for granted about physics gets thrown out into space — sometimes literally.

Take a look at some of his work below, and let his endless imagination inspire you!

[H/T: DesignBoom]

His images show dreamlike, pensive settings that immediately evoke an emotional response in his audience, but one that also allows you to come up with your own interpretations.

He likes to play with expectations, replacing something expected with something totally surprising.

In this piece, there’s a stunning nebula where you’d think a ceiling would be.

The boundaries between the real world and the imagination are blurred in Davoli’s concepts as much as the boundaries between two physical objects in his photos.

His images have a curious quality, leading us to ask questions and explore, much like his human figures seem to explore the unknown.

Looking at them, it’s easy to find yourself imagining a story behind the images or sensing a specific emotion conveyed in them.

He creates his image by combining and blending several images digitally. It’s kind of like a collage, but without actual paper!

Even the seemingly simple photos, like this one of an urban street, become otherworldly with a simple addition.

This mysterious little cloud is the main character in this scene!

Davoli’s photos are quiet and pensive, and while they often feature vast locales like outer space and the ocean, they’re also introspective, as though we’re looking right into the inner landscapes of the artist.

This landscape feels vaguely familiar, while simultaneously filled with strange fantasy and mystery.

And amazingly, even though this is the work of one person, it’s very easy to relate to it!

Even if it looks very strange!

And sometimes, even the smaller things get a dose of the surreal.

It’s amazing what you can do with a little imagination, and a knack for figuring out how seemingly different things — like a cloudy sky and an ocean — actually have a lot in common.

And then the possibilities are endless!

For Davoli, that’s certainly the case. You can see this prolific artist’s work on his Instagram, and if one strikes you in particular, you can also buy prints on his Society 6 shop.

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