She Has Never Seen Mom’s Face Before, Then She’s Told To Look At The Screen

by Emerald Pellot
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Charity Crawford wanted this moment for so long. The high school senior has never seen her mother before, and has barely even been able to make out her own face.

Charity is visually impaired. Her condition has made ordinary tasks we take for granted much more difficult. Reading, writing, even grooming herself are all a challenge. While she does not have complete blindness, the teen requires images to be magnified several times over.

Fortunately, Sight Saves America decided to help several Dallas children by providing them with advanced technologies that will enable them to become more independent. Charity received a special computer that allows her to see.

The first time she saw her mother, Quargnilde Crawford, was an emotional moment.

“Your face is beautiful,” Charity told Fox as she brushed tears from her cheek. “I can be like everyone else. I don’t have to struggle as much as I used to… I got my eyes back.”

The device will help Charity with her studies and keep up with her coursework as she transitions to college.

“It’s just unbelievable to see her be able to see finally and be independent. It’s just so awesome,” said Quargnilde.

See the emotional moment Charity gets her vision back in the video below.

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