Risqué Charity Calendar Is Saving Dogs In Florida

by Anna Halkidis
Anna is a native New Yorker who loves concerts, travel, good coffee, and her Jack Russell terrier, Charlie. She’s a multimedia journalist who earned her master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Her true passion for telling stories keeps her inspired.

The costs keep pilling up for the Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor, FL.

The animal shelter, which relies heavily on donations, takes in animals that have been severely abused.

Many have even been turned away from other shelters in the state. And the cost of taking care of these dogs, however, isn’t cheap.

“We actually have vet bills that get as high as $20,000 in one month. You do that over the course of a year, and you maintain a shelter,” volunteer Ernie Webb told ABC Action News. “It gets very, very expensive.”

But, as you’ll see below, the shelter is getting some unexpected help from a special group of women who posed for a 2016 charity calendar.

(It can be purchased online for about $25.)

All the donations are going straight to the animal shelter, which puts these girls on the list of exceptional people giving back to animals, much like the 4-year-old who makes special baskets for ones in shelters.

“Animals are a special experience. They give nothing but love, no matter how terrible the situation is,” said showgirl Katie James, who is featured in the calendar. “They are the stars and we are just the sparkly sidekicks.”

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