Tiny Rescue Kitten Thinks Big Dog Is His Mama

by Emerald Pellot
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In this adorable video, a tiny kitten named Charcoal cuddles up to Buford the dog. As it turns out, Charcoal thinks Buford is his mama and just wants to cuddle up for a snuggle.

Buford on the other hand is a bit indifferent to the surrogate baby — playing the coy straight man to Charcoal’s cuddly personality.

What makes the video all the more special is its sentimental value to his human Donna Hughes.

“The reason I wound up with Charcoal in the first place, is we think his mother actually was hit by a car out on the highway (not far away).  I saw where a cat had been hit (sadly), and not long after, Charcoal showed up, clearly not old enough to be on his own.  So he took up with Buford!” She says. A round of applause for taking in the little guy!

I love when humans capture these rare moments with their animals, like this adorable fat cat who fell asleep in a tiny paper bag.

However, shortly after she filmed this adorable video, there was a bit of an incident. “I must admit, a couple of days after I uploaded my video, I let my kitten Charcoal, out to play. He went missing for three long days, and wound up 3 days later at my mom’s house, down the street,” she says.  “For the 3 days he was missing, I was so traumatized over it, and sick with worry, I couldn’t bear to watch this video, and nearly deleted it, because it brought me so much heartache.  I was glad I didn’t delete it, when I found him!  He is safe and sound, and growing like a weed!”

We’re glad everything worked out and let’s just say Charcoal is the luckiest kitten alive — being found not once but twice!

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