Hilarious Texas Math Teacher Has Been Engaging Students By Teaching As Different Characters

by Karen Belz
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A Dallas Independent School District teacher found an incredible way to keep her math students engaged during these last few weeks of distance learning.

While many school districts are still up in the air regarding what’ll happen in September, it’s always great for teachers to use the summertime to think up great new online teaching methods if this continues on.

Maggie Sly is a teacher others should keep an eye on. She has developed plenty of fun characters to help teach lessons to her students. Since the students don’t know who to expect when they log on, they actually end up looking forward to her classes.

She’s been a multiplication fairy and also a cranky old lady who just wants her kids to learn. It’s a good reminder that teachers can have fun while giving lessons, and students can have just as much fun learning.

Even better, watching a teacher dressed up as different characters is a great way for students to remember their lessons. It’s easy to tune out a teacher online — especially if the connection is poor or the subject isn’t all that interesting. But if you have a rapper in front of you with a fun song or mnemonic device to get the point across, even better.

This is a great technique for the teachers out there who always wanted to be actors. Now’s a great chance to combine both interests into one.

Watch the video and check out how Maggie’s making her virtual classroom both engaging and fun.

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