Infant Cries Out With Dirty Diaper But Fed-Up Dad Doesn’t Want To Bring Her Into Public Bathroom

by Amy Paige
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Tom Barrett is a full-time dad to his four-month-old daughter, Saiorsa. Since he and his family live in the heart of New York City, Tom is often out-and-about with Saiorsa, whether he’s walking her through the city parks or strolling her through museums.

But every time he has to change her diaper in public, it’s always the same issue. The majority of men’s public restrooms don’t have changing tables. That means Tom, and countless other fed-up dads like him, are forced to lay their children on the filthy dirty bathroom floors. “It’s just disgusting to think about,” he told CBS Local.

The city dad grew so frustrated that he decided to take some real action. He started a petition, calling on Congress to make a change.

A 2016 federal law mandates changing tables in the men’s restrooms of federal buildings. Tom’s wife, who works a full-time job while Tom takes care of their daughter all day, says that’s not enough to keep up with the changing times.

It seems this is a hot button issue that’s been gaining traction lately, and you’re about to see there are many more fathers like Tom who feel the exact same way.

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