Chainsaw Artist Learns His Photos Are Being Used To Catfish Women After Stranger Emails Him

by Kate Taylor
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You can never be too careful when meeting people on the internet.

Most of us are aware of catfishing, the unfortunate trend where people pose as someone else in order to lure potential suitors.

Sadly, there are too many instances of this happening online to even count. It’s scary being catfished, but it might be even scarier to have someone steal your identity in order to do it.

This is exactly what happened to Paul Waclo from York County, Pennsylvania. Paul’s online presence is growing lately thanks to his newfound hobby and profession as a chainsaw carver.

Paul is getting plenty of positive attention, including an invitation to compete with some of the world’s best carvers in Russia. However, his success has led to some negative consequences.

The husband and father received a troubling email from a woman in Australia. She claimed to be corresponding online with a man named Paul Gentry who looked just like Paul Waclo.

In fact, he didn’t just look like Paul Waclo — the mystery internet user was actually using Paul’s personal photos to strike up conversations with women online.

Turns out, this Australian woman wasn’t the only one who had a run-in with the fake. Paul has received emails from a number of women asking him to verify his identity.

Of course, Paul explains to the women what’s really going on, but that’s sadly about all he can do to stop the situation at this point.

Watch Paul talk about his puzzling situation in the video below, and SHARE it with your friends who like to chat online!

Photo: WPMT Fox43

CORRECTION: February 9, 2018

An earlier version of this story misspelled Paul’s last name as “Walco.” It is Waclo.

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