Dad Holds Teen Daughter With Cerebral Palsy For The First Time In A Very Long Time

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Regardless of how much teens may try to push their parents away on the surface, all any kid ever wants is to be close with their family and to have a healthy relationship with their parents.

These relationships are a two-way street, though. If a parent makes the teen feel as if they are not loved, then, of course they are going to rebel and get into trouble.

Maria isn’t your average teen. While she’s 15, she is much smaller than her sister who is two years younger than she is. This is because her growth has been stunted by her cerebral palsy.

She is confined to a wheelchair most of the time, unless she and her mother are doing some physical therapy together.

Maria and her father don’t really talk that much. While she’d accepted that fact, she still wished that she had a better relationship with him.

When the Supernanny came into the household to help fix some of the family dynamics, one of the main issues she addressed was Dad’s distance from his daughter, Maria.

Neither of the parents realized how alienating they were being toward their daughter, but after Supernanny revealed the harsh truth to them, they were certainly willing to make some changes.

Watching Maria get her wish for her dad to hold her in his arms again is such a sweet sight. You can see the sheer joy in both her and her father’s faces.

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