Cheerleaders Pull Teammate Out Of Wheelchair, Crowd Is In Awe When She Jumps In The Air

by Nicole Cannizzaro
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Debbie Threlfo is now 27 years old, but last year was when her story stole the hearts of millions in Sydney, Australia.

Debbie has cerebral palsy, a condition that impairs all muscle coordination and can sometimes cause other disabilities as well because of damage to the brain during or before birth.

While this condition can sometimes lead to severe disadvantages while growing up, people like Debbie choose to overcome their many struggles.

Debbie was 26 years old when she became part of the Oxygen All Stars cheerleading team. She told Daily Mail that she didn’t even tell her mom about her try-out until the day of!

It’s a good thing she didn’t give her mom any time to worry, because her talent, passion, and determination got her the spot she always wanted!

After she performed at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation, Debbie decided to share a video of the routine on Facebook. Since then, she’s gotten millions of messages of love and support.

Debbie is breaking stereotypes and pummeling through the restrictions of her condition! Watch below and become inspired yourself.

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