Son Visits Mom’s Grave To Find Someone Else Buried In Dad’s Plot—But His Father Is Still Alive

by Amy Paige
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A Milwaukee man named R.C. Smith went to visit his mother’s grave at a cemetery in Milwaukee. Within seconds, he realized someone was recently buried in the plot right beside her grave, which was meant for R.C.’s father.

But here’s the thing: R.C.’s dad is very much alive.

R.C. called the cemetery manager demanding the identity of the mystery person buried in his dad’s plot. The story took another bizarre turn.

“It’s not your dad, it’s your sister,” he was told.

But, again, here’s the thing: R.C.’s sister is also very much alive. No one in Smith’s family has recently passed away.

The heartbroken son was about to discover the cemetery had made a major mixup that he says he wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Footage provided by WITI Milwaukee

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