Cement Doily Bowls Add Grit And Glamour To The Home

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

As a kid, I always loved making arts and crafts projects after school!

Now, I may officially be an adult, but I haven’t lost my love of making awesome crafts by hand.

In particular, I have a weakness for simple, stylish DIY homewares — bonus points if they’re easy to make.

As I discovered when making this ceramic print bowl, there’s nothing quite like finishing up a project that looks like a million bucks, and knowing all the while that I made it myself for next to nothing!

These days, I have a new item on my homemade agenda. Thanks to the brilliant craft blogger behind MOSAICSnMORE, I’m obsessed with a decorative catchall made, creatively, out of lace doilies and wet cement.

I can’t wait to give this clever tutorial a try!

Check out the gallery below to see how this project is created, and let us know if you’ve ever tried a similar project below.

To start out, you’ll need a simple lace doily, rubber gloves, cooking spray, a plastic container and cement mix.

You should also think ahead of time about what shape you want from the finished bowl.

Use a bowl or container with that shape as the form for your project.

Mix up the cement into a slurry following the directions on the package.

This should be a fairly thick paste, about the consistency of a milkshake.

Make sure you use a simple type of cement, like Portland cement, that’s essentially just limestone and clay.

Then, wearing gloves to protect your skin, dip your doily into the cement until it’s fully submerged.

Try to squeeze out excess material to preserve the pattern of the lace.

Grease a container of your choosing for easy removal later.

Next, lay your doily out in the container.

Keep in mind that you need to make any adjustments while the cement is still wet.

If you want to change the curve or shape of the bowl, make sure to incorporate those changes immediately.

Once your doily is arranged in the shape that you want, it’s time to let the cement harden.

Once you’re sure you like the shape, seal your drying bowl in an airtight plastic container like a large Tupperware or sealable bucket to allow the cement to cure.

Leave it for five to 10 days to give the cement time to harden.

After several days, remove your bowl from the plastic, but continue to let it harden for at least two more weeks to make sure the material has fully set.

After the last two weeks are up, you can remove the bowl from its mold!

Now, you’re free to decorate it, fill it with loose coins and keys, or give it away as a fantastically unique gift!

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