Families Are Putting Baskets On Dinner Tables And Filling Them With Cell Phones To Reconnect

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Technology is pretty amazing. We can send and receive information with the simple touch of a button, learn all kinds of amazing things, and keep in touch with friends and family across the globe.

If you’re reading this article, you have technology to thank!

But let’s be honest with ourselves. As much as we like staying in touch, playing games, and being able to look up the actor in that movie whose name you forgot, there is such a thing as being too invested (and too reliant) on technology.

For one thing, if your face is pressed up to your phone at all hours of the day and night, you’re likely to miss out on what’s happening in the real world.

On the extreme end of things, some people even exhibit behaviors that are eerily similar to drug addiction when it comes to their phones.

During the holidays, phones are great for keeping everyone in touch and organizing parties and events, but let’s face it: there’s nothing more annoying than seeing a table full of friends and family all looking down at their phones and not at one another. You’re all here to spend time with each other, remember?

Luckily, there’s a super-simple solution to this problem: the phone basket! It’s exactly what it sounds like, too.

It’s a basket where guests place their phones, leaving them there for the duration of the evening. That means it will be harder for them to get distracted by the glowing screens, and as a result, they’ll actually talk to one another. Amazing, right?

[H/T: DIY Decor]

A simple basket is all you need to keep your guests in the present rather than scurrying down a rabbit hole of social media and games.

Simply request that your guests place their phones in the basket, then tell them they can pick them up when they leave.

Ideally, the phones would also be turned off!

The trend has caught on for all kinds of occasions, from the holidays to birthdays to just regular old dinners.

The idea is to get people talking to one another and appreciating what’s going on right now, in the present, before their eyes.

And while people might feel strange giving up their phones at first, they’ll probably end up feeling better without it.

After all, being tethered to work emails, social drama, and depressing news at all hours of the day can get a little stressful.

Spending a few hours among loved ones is a great way to recharge and re-ground yourself. Your guests will notice the difference!

And the nice thing is that since it’s just a basket and maybe a little sign, you can bring it out and put it away as needed, or move it to different locations.

You can even get fancy and make it into a cute little accessory with some paint and a pretty sign.

Other people have gotten even more creative and penned whole poems for their phone baskets.

And if you don’t have a basket or don’t like the look of one? Not a problem! A big jar works just as well. Just be careful not to throw the phones in too carelessly, as they can break.

Another nifty idea is a phone basket that doubles as a charger. That way, the phones are away from the socializing, but they’re also getting a boost in the meantime.

The no-phones trend is picking up, and even weddings are getting in on it, with couples requesting that guests refrain from waving their phones around.

What do you think of the phone basket idea? Is this something you’ll use for parties and events?

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