Céline Dion Re-creates One Of Her Most Classic Music Videos For An Instagram Shopping Ad

by Angela Andaloro

Céline Dion has a body of work that’s nothing short of legendary. Her icon status isn’t just one bestowed upon her by throngs of adoring fans.

It’s hard-earned by an artist who has been tirelessly working at her craft since her teen years. The 51-year-old finds new heights in her career with every project. Most recently, her album and world tour, both called Courage, have received rave reviews.

While we’re always excited about new music from Céline, it’s her classics that seriously give us life. Who doesn’t love a good ’90s power ballad, to begin with? With those vocals, there’s no denying the splendor.

That’s why fans were so excited when Céline shared a clip from her 1996 “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” music video and teased “a little update” on the classic. Now we’re treated to that update.

Céline collaborated with Instagram to make an ad with the nostalgic hit to promote its new shopping feature. It’s classic, over-the-top Céline in all the best ways.

Céline Dion has a body of work unlike any other. She got her start at just 12 years old. She recorded a song with the help of her mother and brother. Her brother then sent the recording to a music manager named René Angélil after finding his name on the back of an album.

celine dion

No one could have guessed that the simple, hopeful move would change the course of Céline’s life. René poured his all into making Céline the undeniable star she is today. By the time the 1990s rolled around, Céline was everywhere, and by the end of the decade, the two were married.

The ’90s was the decade when Céline truly shined her brightest. Her breakout into international stardom was meteoric. With her iconic sound, a killer wardrobe, and an indomitable spirit, she made some of her greatest music videos.

It all began with “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” off her first English-speaking album, Unison. The live concert-style video features a lot of black-and-white to color transitions to add dramatic effect. There’s also a lot of intense staring.

Next, there was 1991’s “Beauty and the Beast,” where scenes from the Disney animated film were spliced in Céline and Peabo Bryson’s singing. Céline’s powerful vocals and the transitions from the film to the singer are super ’90s. Still, it was one of her earliest steps into the public in a major way.

While all these videos are amazing and nostalgic, there’s nothing that can hold a candle to 1996’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.” The video is set in a huge castle on a stormy night. Céline romps about as she serenades her ghost boyfriend in all the best and most extra ways.

Céline recently shared a clip from the video on Instagram. “Some things never go out of style. It’s all coming back, including a little update on this throwback video. Can’t wait! 😉,” Céline teased in the video’s captions.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating what the singer might do with the song, and she’s finally delivered. Céline shared a nod to ’90s style and her classic hit in a partnership with Instagram. The video is an ad for its new shopping feature.

“Honey, over the top music videos never went out of style 😉,” Céline captioned the video. “Had so much fun working with my friends at @Instagram to bring ‘90s style back for the holidays. Shop with your ❤️ on Instagram.”

In this case, what was coming back to Céline was the wild fashion choices of the ’90s. Céline thrashes through the video, set in an old castle that channels the original music video. Then she gets to shop all those throwback items straight from Instagram.

Céline’s domination wasn’t left behind in the ’90s. She’s hotter than ever before with the release of her new album, Courage, and the world tour by the same name. The album hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 the week of its release.

As for fashion? Céline is seriously slaying! She’s more adventurous than ever in her decisions. She’s trying new styles and new designers, and she’s working with no limits in a way that feels authentic and true to who she is during this stage of her life.

Céline has found new and wonderful ways to display her creativity. While her looks are a little more subdued than the fresh-off-the-runway couture she’s been spotted in over the last year, she hasn’t lost her edge. She’s finding ways to add dramatic details to more everyday looks and seriously slaying in the process.

Whether it’s ’90s Céline or present-day, we seriously can’t get enough of the Canadian songstress. She’s faced unspeakable heartbreak and emerged as a new woman with a new purpose, ready to take on the next stage of her life. We could all use some of her signature Courage.