Wild Drunk Lady Storms Stage During Céline Dion Concert As The Singer Tries To Keep Her Cool

by Amy Paige
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Céline Dion was recently performing in Las Vegas when a visibly intoxicated fan stormed the stage without warning.

The 49-year-old Canadian songstress was totally caught off guard when the unnamed woman interrupted her show at Caesars Palace. But it’s the way in which Céline handled this bizarre encounter that’s got everyone talking.

Rather than demand the woman leave the stage at once, or let it ruin the evening for her thousands of fans in attendance, Céline welcomed her and thanked her for wanting to be so close.

But the singer’s kindness and patience seemed to prompt the concertgoer to take things a step further. Within seconds, the woman wrapped her body around Céline, threw her leg across her and began gyrating all over her!

By this point, the bouncers were moving in closer, and the incident grew stranger as Céline addressed the fan.

“We’re going to make a change for your baby, because you know what? We’ve got something in common,” she said. “We’ve got babies that we love. And we’re going to fight for them.”

Perhaps the woman was pregnant, had kids with her at the concert or had children at home. One thing is for sure: most other celebrities would not have handled this fan with such grace.

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