Celine Dion And Barbra Streisand Perform “Tell Him” In Beautiful Classic Duet

by Paul Morris
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Back in 1997 two masters joined forces to create one of the most beautiful duet performances of all time. Singing “Tell Him,” the ever-talented Celine Dion along with her friend Barbra Streisand showed the world what “true talent” actually was.

The song surprisingly did not receive enough support within the United States to become an instant hit, it did, however, go on to see much success all around the rest of the world. Even though the song received positive reviews, Sony Music Entertainment went so far as to cancel the single’s release!

Luckily, the song had a longer life than anyone expected. With two mega talents such as Streisand and Dion performing together it was no wonder that this amazing song was going to remain popular for as long as music is still enjoyed!

Also, to make this music video even more amazing, you can spot the amazingly talented music producer David Foster from time to time at the piano. He’s the man behind the music and helped skyrocket both Celine’s and Barbra’s careers among dozens of other famous artists! Over his prolific career he’s managed to win 16 Grammy Awards from 47 nominations. There is so much talent sitting in this room that it is simply unbelievable!

While the song is beautiful to listen to, its not until the 3:58 mark of the video that you’ll truly see the absolute and raw talent that these two women have. Its wonderful to watch these two stars perform together with such happy smiles on their faces; there’s no sense of “diva” rivalry and no infighting within the two friends, just pure talent and love.

When they hit the high note, you will definitely get chills at their perfect harmony. The only sad part about this song is learning the fact that these two talented stars have gotten the chance to perform it together again since its initial recording. Maybe one day soon they’ll get the chance!

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