Chihuahua With Giant Pregnant Belly Gives Birth To Big Litter After Rescue

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Have you ever seen a dog out on the street and wondered if you should call someone? Maybe that dog belongs to someone and is just going for a stroll.

But, maybe that dog has been wandering for weeks, wondering when she’ll be able to eat a full meal again.

It’s almost always better to play it safe, rather than sorry. You never know if your call might save a life or two… or six.

When someone called in to report a chihuahua wandering around with a very round, pregnant belly, Tasha Canales made sure that she brought that pooch and her babies-to-be to safety.

If no one had made the call, who knows whether or not Celeste the Chihuahua’s babies would have made it.

Thankfully, all five of her babies made it through a natural birth. Micah, Gabriel, Charlie Bear, Elijah, and Michael were all squirming with life.

Michael, the tiniest of them all, is also the youngest. He seemed to appear in the blink of an eye, without the rescuers even noticing! What a little miracle he and his siblings all are.

Thanks to the folks at Friends Of Emma, all six of these dogs are alive and well. It’s thanks to organizations like this one that so many loving pups are able to find loving forever homes rather than wandering the streets, hungry and cold, for their entire lives.

Next time you see an animal in distress, make sure you call your local rescue after making sure that the fur baby doesn’t belong to anyone. You never know how many lives you’re saving for sure!

Warning: The video contains graphic footage of the births.

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