This Woman’s Recreations Of Celebrity Couture Are Good Enough To Eat — Literally

by Kim Wong-Shing

A young woman from the Thai province of Ratchaburi has managed to combine two of the things we love most — delicious clothes and delicious food — in the most jaw-dropping way possible.

Sine Benjaphorn, 22, designs elaborate cosplay costumes based on the wardrobes of A-listers using materials such as produce, prawn crackers (above), and lunch meat. Her creations will leave you both enamored and hungry:

The look below was created using mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms.

“I love to eat, so I thought that food should be part of my costumes,” Benjaphorn told Bored Panda in a recent interview.

Benjaphorn enlists the help of her mother and aunt to create her foodie fashion pieces, many of which are pretty ambitious in terms of detailing and construction: One bright yellow dress, for example (below), required more than 66 pounds of jackfruit to assemble!

Over time, Benjaphorn’s clever costumes have made her something of a social media celebrity in Thailand. She currently has more than 48,400 Instagram followers (and counting).

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Benjaphorn originally began designing the costumes to promote her plus-size clothing shop, which features trendy dresses, shirts, rompers, and more — none of them made out of food, by the way. But now that her culinary couture has taken off, she doesn’t plan on halting her creative side hustle anytime soon — in fact, it sounds like her gastronomic gowns will only get more and more ambitious over time.

“I would really like to recreate a Disney Princess,” Benjaphorn told Bored Panda. For her, it’ll be a piece of cake — perhaps literally.