43 Celebrity-Inspired Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas That Are Truly Picture Perfect

by CafeMom

The excitement of having a baby would not be complete without some sort of trinket to remember the beauty of pregnancy. (No matter the ups and downs, the morning sickness and sore feet, we mamas need something to honor the days when we grew life in our bellies.) A great way moms — including celebrity mothers — are commemorating this special time (and their baby bumps) is with a maternity photo shoot. Though pregnancy can be daunting, a maternity shoot is a fantastic way to allow moms to feel beautiful while celebrating a new stage in their lives.

After all, we deserve to look (and feel) wonderful!

The whole idea behind a great maternity shoot is to choose a theme that best fits the mom. Or, expectant moms can go against the grain with something totally random and impromptu. (Hey, we need options.) Because celebrity moms have access to more than the everyday mama, it may seem that recreating some of their ideas would be stressful. However, the point is to have fun and let one’s hair down. Finding inspiration from celebrity mamas is a great place to begin creating lasting maternity memories worth framing.

Sure, not all of us have Beyonce’s money, but that doesn’t stop us from pulling a few takeaways from her and other fave celebs and their amazing pics. Heck, given today’s world — and the DIY-slash-Pinterest movement — it’s not hard to whip up something amazing on a budget.

Here’s a look at some celebrity-inspired maternity shoots that are, indeed, picture perfect and distinctive in their own right!

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Up Close & Very Personal

Up Close & Very Personal

Actress Demi Moore’s controversial 1991 Vanity Fair cover was truly one for the books. Not only did it show off her glowing baby bump, but reiterated to moms-to-be that it’s OK  to go nude in maternity pics.

Bare the Bump I

Serena Williams had a nude maternity shoot for Vanity Fair that was nothing short of glam.

Bare the Bump II

Finding decorative pieces, like actress Naturi Haughton did, can be a great way for moms-to-be to decorate their hair. Henna and jewelry are also great accents to a bare-bodied shoot.

Let It Flow

Singer, Kelly Rowland posed masterfully with the flow of fabric draped gently at the front. This look can be duplicated in so many ways. Try it out!

Flower Power I

No one has to break the Internet or bank to have a shoot like Queen Bey. Faux flowers and accents are all pieces that can be found at a craft store or maybe even grandma’s house. (She won’t miss them.)

Flower Power II

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Kulture :’)...no better feeling ❤️🌸

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Floral scenery can also create a colorful effect that is feminine and fab. Having a busy background takes the “pressure” off having to get all glammed up for the shoot.

Flower Power III

Flowers are definitely the accessory of choice when it comes to maternity shoots. Make a floral bracelet, create a flowery anklet, or showcase a few blooms in the shot like Heidi Montag. Whatever the choice, using floral decor is a continuing trend that doesn’t appear to be going out of style soon.

Flower Power IV

Actress, Kirsten Dunst beautifully captured the modest mom look — with flowers, of course. It’s OK for us to love our bodies and not need to show everyone and their mama what the good lord gave us.

Flower Power V

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I'm super excited to be part of the @liveoriginal team of bloggers. It's such an honor to partner with some pretty rad who are on mission to be truth-sayers and heart-encouragers. Thank you to my friends @legitsadierob and @itsjuliwilson for asking me be a part of this ministry! Today I'm sharing my thoughts on beauty: ...To all my girls out there... 📢 your beauty is not defined by your physical appearance!!!! If you’ve run in Christian circles (or really any sort of uplifting women encouragement circles,) for any length of time, this is probably not new news to you… and honestly, sometimes I get a little frustrated by the constant, “You are beautiful” slogans, blogs, books and advertisements. I think we need to let the truth of this statement sink in deeper than a quick feel-good reminder that “oh yeah, I’m beautiful, got it.” We need to really dig into who defines our beauty, what defines our beauty, and how we can become even MORE beautiful. The Scriptures teach us that inward beauty is true and lasting. Inward beauty cannot be covered up with concealer, or photoshoped to be one size smaller… Inward beauty is eternal. The more we invest in our inward beauty, the more beautiful we will become in the eyes of the Lord. As mamma always said, “It’s God’s eyes that count." Click the link in my bio to read the rest of my blog post:) #liveoriginal #alwaysmorebeauty #alwaysmore pc: @dawn_photo

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Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff was truly a vision in white during her floral maternity shoot in a field.

Flower Power VI


Having a bad hair day?

Perfect …

Creating a “crazy look” with a touch of makeup (and some flowers) can really go a long way on the other side of the camera lens.

Flower Power VII

Hills star Heidi Montag shows the beauty in not having to do or wear anything over-the-top and still capturing a beautiful shot.

(See? Flowers.)

Under The Sea I

Under The Sea I

It’s time to hold our breaths! This type of shot is so breathtaking … literally! Singer Alanis Morissette displayed her beauty in these ethereal shots.

Under the Sea II

Under the Sea II

The best part of underwater shots is that there’s no need for makeup or hair styling. A then-pregnant Natalie Portman looks so stunning in James Blake’s “My Willing Heart” music video.

Intimate in Intimates I

Not every mama needs to don fancy lingerie for a shoot. Finding something that fits, feels good, and looks good — like undies — is always an option.

Intimate in Intimates II

Just because a mom is posing for a maternity shoot doesn’t mean she has to show her face! Tori Spelling shared this breathtaking snap of her photo session, complete with lingerie.

Intimate in Intimates III

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Yas. Simply yas. So much yas. (📷: @tiamowry )

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Boxer briefs. Lacy panties. It doesn’t matter which type of bottoms are preferred, all are good options.

Intimate in Intimates IV

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📸 @sashasamsonova

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Expectant moms can also grab a nice negligee or bra and panty set — along with some red lipstick — and get to shooting.

Add a Plus-One I

Jessica Biel showed us how a great shot doesn’t fully have to include mommy all the time. Justin Timberlake kissing her baby bump is truly precious.

Add a Plus-One II

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☺️ @essence #blackwomeninhollywood

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Incorporating a partner in a shoot can be fun and make for touching memories.

Add a Plus-One III

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The Turtle Wranglers

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The sweetness of showing the love that created these mini-humans is a picture worth having forever. Actor Lance Gross and his wife Rebecca Jefferson look divine.

Add a Plus-One IV

Singer Teyana Taylor and her NBA husband Iman Shumpert give an example of how great partner shots come in black and white.

Add a Plus-One V

Once again, Speidi delivers in the maternity shoot department. Their “royal family portrait” is definitely one for the books.

Add a Plus-One VI

Actress Hillary Duff shows how a shoot can be done with family fun, as well. Get all of the kids involved!

Add a Plus-One VII

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Using kiddos is a fantastic way to help parents feel more at ease. And with the kids in the picture, moms don’t have to stress about what havoc they’re wreaking elsewhere!

Silhouette I

A silhouette shot is a great way to show there’s no need for any makeup, hair, or some super fabulous outfit. Just the shape of the body (and baby bump) will do!

Silhouette II

Teyana Taylor is the queen of maternity photo shoots. She really does make them look good.

Silhouette III

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@goodamerican #GoodMama 💞👖Launches Thursday 3.15.2018

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With this type of shot, there’s no way expectant moms can’t feel sexy and empowered without any effort at all.

Khloe Kardashian is absolutely stunning.

Silhouette IV

Silhouette IV

Vanessa Lachey believes the silhouette shot is all about celebrating the pregnancy body!

And she’s totally right!

Silhouette V

Silhouette V

Who says moms-to-be have to go off to some far away destination to capture a silhouette shot? Audrey Roloff had her photo taken in the comfort of her daughter Ember’s nursery.

Do It In Denim I

Do It In Denim I

A good pair of blue jeans should be in everyone’s closet. They can also make for a great styling piece for maternity shoots.

Do It In Denim II

There’s something about a stylish and coordinated denim photo shoot that gives throwback vibes while still remaining relevant.

Do It in Denim III

So, what if it’s dang near impossible to zip up a pair of jeans?! Singer, Ciara shows us we can let our baby bellies hang and still turn heads.

Do It In Denim IV

It doesn’t take being a model to make a mom-to-be look hot in a nice pair of jeans. Grab a pair and become a muse.

Go Coastal I

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt really outdid themselves with this coastal-inspired maternity shoot. No props are needed as the shot is full of natural beauty and is breathtaking.

Go Coastal II

Serena could be rocking intimates or a lacy bathing suit. Regardless, she looks ah-may-zing in action.

Talk about inspiring us to go to the beach!

Go Coastal III

Go Coastal III

We don’t need to see Tori Roloff‘s face to know how at peace she was during her time while expecting. This is so perfect.

Costume It Up I

Costume It Up I

To celebrate her twins, Beyonce had an African-themed baby shower that turned heads in every way. Her attire is truly one-of-a-kind and emphasizes how glam expectant moms can look.

Costume It Up II

Costume It Up II

Jessica Simpson was a “mummy”… get it?

(Come on, we laughed.)

Costume It Up III

Costume It Up III

Decorate that belly!

Taking a page out of actress Hayden Panetierre’s book will have moms-to-be styling up their bumps in fun disguises for great photos. Who cares if it’s Halloween or not?

The 'Unexpected Shot' I

The 'Unexpected Shot' I

Leave it to Joanna Gaines to make us want to stuff our mouths with something tasty and frame the shot. Seriously, not all maternity photos need to be professionally shot.

The 'Unexpected Shot' II

The 'Unexpected Shot' II

Less can truly be more — and beautiful — as evidenced by actress Katherine Heigl‘s simple yet inspiring maternity pic.

Enjoy Nature

Heidi Montag sure does know how to take amazing maternity shoots — and inspire us to step up our game. Quick, find the nearest tree branch!

Don't Forget Post-Maternity Shoots

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A couple weeks ago KULTURE Shot by @jorafrantzis

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The trend of flowing fabric, caught in the wind, is a crowd favorite. Rapper, Cardi B shared this photo to her Instagram just a couple of weeks after having her first child, Kulture.