Mom Rips The Blades Off Boring Old Ceiling Fan To Give 1-Year-Old’s Bedroom A Makeover

by Cassandra Morris
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When I was a kid, I loved to change my room around. In fact, it’s a habit that’s stayed with me through adulthood. There’s just something so invigorating about redecorating, redesigning, and rearranging a space you spend so much time in.

But in all my many remodels, I never once thought to change my ceiling fan. It’s always just been a plain and boring utility, ignored and unloved.

However, since coming across this gorgeous DIY project, I suddenly feel inspired to give those old faithful blades some attention! After all, it’s a part of the room too, so why not incorporate it in my decor?

But when this creative mom decided to give her baby’s ceiling fan a facelift, she took it to a while other level… Maybe even a whole other galaxy!

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As Henry's first birthday drew near, this mom knew she wanted to do something special for her little boy — so she decided to give his room a whimsical makeover.

cool ceiling fan

She started with the ceiling fan. After removing its blades, she laid them all out on the back deck.

unique ceiling fan

Next, she gave them a coat of flat black paint.

Next, she gave them a coat of flat black paint.

Once that was done, she used purple and navy blue spray paint to add some dimension to the black.

ideas for kids bedroom

After the paint was dry, she taped a piece of paper to each blade. But this was no ordinary paper!

awesome ceiling fan

Using an X-Acto knife, she cut a series of holes from each sheet. Every blade featured a unique shape.

cool ceiling fan

She then sprayed the blades with glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

diy ceiling fan

The final result? A unique constellation on each fan blade!

diy ceiling fan

Next, she sprayed the fan irons with the same black, purple, and blue paint.

diy ceiling fan

When everything was dry, it was time to reinstall the fan blades and irons. But this mom didn't stop there!

diy ceiling fan

She decided to give the fan's globe a special makeover too. Using some acrylic paint, she sketched out a rough picture of the western hemisphere.

diy ceiling fan

When installed, the globe cast a beautiful, soft glow.

diy ceiling fan

From afar, it looked just like the Earth spinning in space! She was very pleased with how it turned out.

diy ceiling fan

And it looks like she wasn't the only one! Little Henry and his dad loved it, too.

beautiful ceiling fan

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