4-Year-Old Goes To Put Her Toys Away, Then She Looks Up And Sees White Smoke

by Emerald Pellot
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It was a totally ordinary day. Little 4-year-old Sammy went to her room to put her toy bunny rabbit away.

That’s when the child looked up and noticed white smoke filling the ceiling.

“I took my stuffed animal bunny to put away upstairs, but then I paused because then I saw white smoke in my room,” the articulate 4-year-old said.

She didn’t panic. Sammy quickly and calmly walked downstairs. She told her mom she couldn’t put her toys away because there was smoke everywhere upstairs.

Her mother, Kaitlyn Boyner, went upstairs, saw the smoke, and could smell that something was off with the electrical wiring.

Boyner took Sammy and her sister outside, then called 911.

Firefighters came in and discovered the ceiling fan in the girl’s bedroom had overheated. The good news: There was smoke, but there was no fire. Sammy’s quick thinking and alertness totally stopped the fire before it could happen.

The emergency crew cleared out the smell and smoke, then disconnected the fan.

“[Sammy] was aware, smart, and calm enough to see smoke in her bedroom and notified her mom, who called 911,” Orange County Fire Authority Captain Jason Williams told CBS News.

The firefighters credit the precocious 4-year-old for preventing something terrible from happening. When there’s a small spark, the difference between safety and tragedy can be minutes or even seconds.

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