This DIY-er Transforms A Slab Of Cedar Into A Stunning Chess Table

by Elissa Salamy
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As a big fan of upcycle projects, I particularly love seeing how creative people can be at transforming old pieces of wood into fantastic new home additions.

There are seemingly endless possibilities for these types of unique DIY projects, such as this coffee table crafted from a piece of wych elm.

These brilliant DIY-ers can be so talented when it comes to creating beautiful works of arts with their woodworking skills.

And when I saw this project that transformed a useless slab of wood into something spectacular, I was absolutely floored.

I found this project on Imgur where user pcz43 made a stunning chess table from a simple slab of cedar. The results are truly beautiful  I would love to have something like this in my home!

Scroll through below to see how this DIY-er upcycled a useless piece of wood into an incredible chessboard table.

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This skilled DIY-er began his chessboard table project with this simple, but stunning slab of cedar wood.

To form the chess tiles, he cut out small squares from a board of lovely oak wood.

Planning to place to oak tiles in the middle of his cedar slap, he carved out a large square using a plunge router.

After careful planning and shaping, he was able to fit the oak squares perfectly into the square, varying the direction of the oak wood grain to create a beautiful effect.

For the table stand portion of his project, this DIY-er used two boards of pine. One would serve as the base, while the other would help fortify the cedar.

He attached the pine board to the cedar wood with glue and screws, and attached legs and the other pine board as the base.

To create the stunning chessboard, this DIY-er stained every other square a rich red mahogany, leaving the light squares bare.

He also stained the table legs and the base the same mahogany color, and covered the chessboard and cedar wood with a coat of polyurethane.

The polyurethane coat really helped to bring out the rich color of the cedar wood, and added a lovely shine.

He also built in a little drawer to store chess pieces between games.

The gorgeous finished product can double as a chess table or a living room end table.

This chessboard table would be a beautiful addition to any home!

Would you like a stunning piece of woodworking like this in your living room? Let us know in the comments.

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