Mom-To-Be Freaked Out When Oprah Walked In Dressed As Store Clerk To Host Surprise Baby Shower

by Jess Butler
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In 2010, The Oprah Winfrey Show moved to Sydney to film. It was an exciting, temporary change, but Oprah’s biggest fan, Catherine Schrank, was unable to make it to the special tapings — for a pretty understandable reason.

Catherine was nine months pregnant, and her Cesarean section was scheduled for the day after Oprah’s show. Unfortunately, the mom-to-be’s doctors wouldn’t let her travel so late into her pregnancy.

Luckily, the entire show came to Catherine shortly after she received this sad news from her doctors.

In the video below, we see Catherine and her sisters enter a nursery store, looking for bedding. Then, an employee named Carey tells them she has just the right person to help them. So, she calls a woman named Janet into the room.

Suddenly, Oprah herself walks out wearing a clerk’s apron.

She says, “I’m not Janet, but I am Oprah!”

Catherine instantly starts freaking out, and you can see it all in her facial expression.

Oprah tries to help the pregnant sister calm down and reveals a huge surprise. She tells Catherine, “This is all about a baby shower for you, so come on over. We’re getting ready to have a baby shower!”

Check out the video below to see Catherine’s surprise baby shower and learn what she is up to today! Finally, please SHARE if you’re glad she got to meet her favorite talk show host that day!

Photos: OWN

CORRECTION: February 6, 2018

An earlier version of this story included the last name Shrank. The correct spelling is Schrank.

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