‘Dynasty’ Star Catherine Oxenberg Opens Up About Saving Her Daughter From Hollywood Sex Cult

by Madison Vanderberg

Former Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg has been in the news again, but probably not in the way she hoped.

After the recent arrests of Keith Raniere and former Smallville actress Allison Mack — the leaders of suspected sex cult NXIVM — it was revealed that one of the reasons anyone was talking about this rumored cult was because of Catherine. Catherine and her daughter India were both members of NXIVM, which marketed itself as a “self help” group, but when Catherine ditched the cult in 2011, her daughter remained.

Catherine then worked tirelessly to convince her daughter to leave, including writing the book Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult and alerting the authorities to the truth about NXIVM. After the arrests were made, her daughter was finally able to escape, but according to Catherine, it wasn’t easy.

Her daughter was branded — like cattle — with Keith’s initials, and according to Catherine, India didn’t find it “problematic” at all.

“What have they done?” Catherine told Inside Edition. “How have they spun this to make it a good thing for women to be doing to themselves and others? That was really, really hard to figure out. How do you make sense of that?”

Catherine will not disclose her daughter’s location but said that she is safe.

“She is moving on with her life,” Catherine said in a statement from her daughter. “It is a complex situation, but she understands her mom’s struggle, and the people involved. She is doing really well.”

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