Pregnant Wife In Blue Dress Thinks She’s Having A Boy, Then Screams When She Spots Pink Ribbon

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

When Colt Moore and his wife, Shelby Leaming Moore, went catfish “noodling” — or catching catfish with one’s bare hands — they certainly caused a stir.

In the video below, posted on June 18, 2017, Shelby is standing on a small boat in a blue dress while Colt stands in the shallow water.

Everyone prepares for the big moment as Colt lowers himself below the surface and reaches for a massive catfish. He tries to grab ahold of it, but the catfish is squirming too much. Then, Colt is forced to give it his all.

He dunks himself underwater as everyone watches anxiously. Colt is under there for a few moments, but soon, he emerges and rises to the surface.

Shelby watches carefully as her husband reaches into the catfish’s mouth and holds it wide open.

Then, she completely loses it. Shelby spots the pink ribbon attached to a hook in the catfish’s mouth and starts screaming. Pink balloons are released on the boat as Shelby lifts her arms high into the air and cheers with everyone in the water.

This unique gender reveal lets her know that she is pregnant with a baby girl!

Check out this one-of-a-kind gender reveal using a catfish and a colorful ribbon in the video below, and please SHARE if you think this was a clever way to announce their baby’s gender!

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