‘Teen Mom’ Stars Catelynn And Tyler Share First Photos As A Family Of 4 With Newborn Daughter

by Angela Andaloro

Catelynn Lowell is having the time of her life watching her daughters bond. The 16 and Pregnant turned Teen Mom star welcomed a baby girl named Vaeda Luma on February 21, 2019.

The healthy baby girl is the third daughter for Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra.

The couple appeared on the first season of 16 and Pregnant, which documented the birth and adoption of their first daughter, Carly. Tyler and Catelynn later became parents to second daughter Novalee Reign, now 4 years old.

Catelynn announced that she was pregnant with her third child in September. Catelynn revealed the meaningful pregnancy to Us Weekly, saying, “The big news is that we are expecting our rainbow baby.

This baby is our rainbow after the storm. I’m super excited.”

The pregnancy was a shock to Catelynn and Tyler, who had previously decided to wait some time before trying for another baby — in 2017, they suffered a miscarriage, and Catelynn had some mental health struggles.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have had a difficult but beautiful relationship. They’ve been together since 2005, when they were just teenagers.

In 2009, Catelynn and Tyler appeared on the first season of 16 and Pregnant. The couple had a daughter, Carly, whom they placed in an open adoption.

Catelynn and Tyler had some relationship problems, but they kept working hard at them. The two got engaged in 2010 but called it off in 2013 during an episode of Couples Therapy.

In August 2014, Catelynn shared this picture announcing her second pregnancy. That Christmas, Tyler bought her a new engagement ring, letting fans know they still intended to get married.

Novalee Reign Baltierra was born on January 1, 2015. The couple was elated to welcome their daughter. Later, Catelynn revealed that she struggled with postpartum depression after Novalee was born.

Catelynn and Tyler tied the knot on August 22, 2015. Many of their Teen Mom costars were in attendance as they became a married couple after 10 years together.

Catelynn was in and out of mental health treatment from 2015 through 2018. She struggled with her mental health as a result of postpartum depression and childhood trauma.

Catelynn and Tyler received another blow when Catelynn had a miscarriage in late 2017. Catelynn continued to work on her mental health through the trying time.

In September, Catelynn announced that she was expecting a rainbow baby. The pregnancy came as a surprise to her and Tyler, who were actually taking measures against getting pregnant.

Throughout her pregnancy, Catelynn felt deeply connected to her new baby — she felt it was truly meant to be. It seems things are finally looking up for the reality star.

Catelynn and Tyler announced the birth of their new little girl, Vaeda Luma. The name surprised fans, since Catelynn and Tyler previously stated her name would be Tezlee.

Vaeda seems to be settling in wonderfully. Tyler shared a sweet video of Novalee singing her baby sister a lullaby just days after she came home.

Tyler posted the first full family photo, expressing how much he loves his girls. It was the first good look we got at Vaeda — and she’s adorable!

Catelynn added to the sweetness with this shot of the sisters lying side by side. “The love I have for these girls is SO unbelievably HUGE!!” she wrote. “I’m so blessed to be the mommy to them!!!”