2 Men Point Flashlight Down Narrow Well, Suddenly Spot Tiny Kitten Trapped Inside

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Claustrophobia is a very real condition that affects many people. I’ve had friends who can’t be in a crowded train, or whose greatest fear is being locked in a room alone.

I bring up claustrophobia because I can only imagine how this kitten felt, shown in the video below, being trapped in a well — a well that was 110 feet deep but only six inches wide.

Rescuers with Animal Warriors India were summoned to an area near Secunderabad, India, after receiving word that a tiny kitten had somehow found herself trapped within the unbearably narrow well.

According to witnesses, the kitten had been trapped inside the well for more than five hours, with half her body submerged in frigid water.

I can only imagine how weak the poor kitten was, stuck down there.

The rescuers realized, because of the narrowness of the well, they couldn’t just reach in and grab the kitten.

They had to improvise.

So, they attached a mesh bag to a rope and sent it down the shaft in the hopes that the kitten would grip it with her teeth and/or claws.

An hour went by and still no luck.

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