Man Notices Striped Bedsheets Wriggling, Takes Out Camera When He Realizes His Cat Is Stuck

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

Cats end up in the oddest of places. Whether it’s the stereotypical cat stuck in a tree or a cat in an even stranger place, like inside a brick wall, they always seem to find themselves in the strangest situations.

When one Australian cat owner saw that the sheets on his bed were moving around, he immediately realized what was going on. His cute little kitty, Tink, was stuck underneath.

It’s really not clear how Tink managed to wedge herself in between the bed and the fitted sheet. However she did it, it’s pretty adorable.

If I ever randomly saw a lump moving around under my bedsheets, I’m pretty sure I’d be terrified. Thankfully, it seems like this cat owner is much braver than I am.

Although Tink was stuck under the sheets, she’s perfectly fine. She seemed a little discombobulated down there, but once her owner let her out, she took right off without a worry. Not to mention, Tink had the most adorable little face when she was finally set free.

This video makes me want to adopt a cat and just film all the cute trouble they get themselves into. It seems like hours of endless entertainment.

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