Sweet Orange Cat Gets Trapped In A Bank Overnight, Then People Notice And Offer To Adopt It

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
Ileana is a writer on the Original Content team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

A lot of people allow their cats to roam the streets around their house — that’s why most people clarify whether they have an “indoor cat” or an “outdoor cat.”

When people give their cats the freedom to wander outside, they usually assume that when the cat gets hungry or lonely, it will make its way back home for food and company. Even if they get cold, cats will usually come home instead of approaching a store or another house.

That was not the case for this orange kitty, though. After leaving his home in the U.K., this cat entered a bank building. But he didn’t realize the bank was closing, and the tellers didn’t notice him.

When the bank workers left, they locked up as usual, but didn’t see the little cat still inside. It wasn’t until later that evening when the cat ventured to the bank’s entrance that someone noticed him trapped inside.

Jaimee, a second-year education student in Liverpool, saw the cat and snapped a few pictures. Jaimee posted the pictures to social media, hoping someone would recognize the cat.

Along with the pictures, Jaimee wrote, “out walking through town and we’ve just found a cat stuck in a bank.”

People immediately responded. One woman, Eleanor, even volunteered to adopt the cat.

Unfortunately for Eleanor, the kitty had a collar around its neck with a bell on it, so he probably belongs to someone.

Jaimee later shared, “just to let everyone know, we called the rspca and talked to the restaurant next door & they’ve assured us the cat will be okay.”

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