Cat Quietly Sits In Tub. When His Owner Asks Him A Question, He Starts Saying No

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

There are a lot of things that cats don’t like.

Perpetually fickle creatures, they can be bothered by the tiniest things, like where you place their food, when you decide to sleep, and how long you try to pet them.

The way they lash out at what they don’t like ranges from passive-aggressive growls and scratches to leaving a serious mess all over the house.

When my cat didn’t approve of something, or was in serious need of attention for no reason, he’d stalk the house in the middle of the night, letting out a gross, guttural yowl every few minutes so it was impossible for us to sleep. That was his way of voicing his disdain.

The cat in the video below shows his in an even more interesting way.

The clip begins with kitty in the bathtub, in the midst of what looks like a scrub down — and you know how much cats hate baths!

Though he doesn’t bite or scratch, he does look very visibly sick and uncomfortable, so his owner asks him if he is enjoying himself.

In reply, the cat lets out a deep, meaningful meow that sounds exactly like he’s saying “no.” He definitely makes his point loud and clear!

Check out the entire clip below of the uncomfortable kitty that apparently knows a few human words.

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